Introduction to getting started with Datafeedr

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The Getting Started guide is broken into 4 main sections. If you are new to Datafeedr and/or affiliate marketing, we recommend following these steps in order. If you are already a Datafeedr customer, have your own website and/or already in the affiliate marketing industry, you can pick and choose the articles that you need.

We have a Written version as well as a Video version of the Getting Started guides.

Written Set-up Guide

We have written documentation for all the steps needed to start building your new affiliate ecommerce site using Datafeedr.

1. Set-up Website

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Get a domain name
  3. Get web hosting
  4. Install WordPress (video)
  5. Configure WordPress (video)
  6. Pick a theme

2. Join Networks & Merchants

  1. Identify Relevant Networks and Merchants (video)
  2. Sign up with affiliate networks
  3. Apply to merchants

3. Build Affiliate Store

  1. Install and configure WooCommerce plugin (video)
  2. Install and configure Datafeedr plugins (video)
  3. Find and import products (video)

4. Display Price Comparison Sets

  1. Display Comparison Set on WooCommerce Product page (video)
  2. Embed Price Comparison Sets in Blog Posts (video)

Video Set-up Guide

Prefer to watch? We have a complete video playlist showing how to build your new affiliate ecommerce site using Datafeedr.

Introduction to Datafeedr

A quick intro to Datafeedr and the videos in this playlist.

Video screenshot

WordPress Installation and Configuration

How to install and configure a new WordPress installation.

Video screenshot

Find Networks and Merchants

Learn how to find and apply to the affiliate networks and merchants selling the products you want to promote on your website.

Video screenshot

Import Affiliate Products into WooCommerce

Learn how to import affiliate products into your WooCommerce store.

Video screenshot

Embed a Comparison Set in a Blog Post

Learn how to embed a price Comparison Set widget in a blog post.

Video screenshot

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