Identify Relevant Networks and Merchants

Now that you have picked a niche and set up your website, the next step is to find the networks and merchants who support the products you want to promote on your website.

Learn more about what an affiliate network is and why you need to use one.

We've made this easy with the introduction of our Scratchpad - a website where you can search our entire database of nearly 1 billion products and find which networks and merchants are selling the products you want to promote to your website's visitors.


Let's say your website niche is "rock climbing gear" and you are based in the United States. Here's how you can identify the affiliate networks and merchants which sell the products you want to promote so that you know where to apply.

2. Type in your product search

You can search the "Any Field" or any of the other fields.

Type in your product search

3. Filter your search by currency

This helps to constrain the country your products are sold in.

Filter your search by currency

4. Click on SEARCH

Click on SEARCH

5. Click the "Networks" icon

This will show you all of the networks responsible for selling these products.

Click the "Networks" icon

6. Click on a Network Name

Click on a network name to visit the network's website and apply to their program. Application approval can take a few days.

7. Filter product results by network

Once approved by a network, you can use the Network ID to filter your search to determine which merchants to apply to. In this case, we are assuming you were approved by AvantLink US and are filtering search results by AvantLink US (Network ID: 126).

Now that you have a list of merchants who sell "rock climbing harnesses" you can log into AvantLink and apply to those merchant programs.

Filter product results by network
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