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We currently support over 35 affiliate networks! But you only need to be approved by one network in order to start using Datafeedr.

Affiliate networks enable you (the publisher) to quickly and easily create partnerships with merchants (AKA retailers, advertisers) so that you can promote merchant products. When you refer a sale to the merchant, the merchant pays the affiliate network the commission fee and the affiliate network pays you your commission.

The alternative to using an affiliate network is to create individual relationships with merchants agreeing on different contracts, payment terms, collecting money, reporting, etc... This is very time consuming. Affiliate networks remove all of these hurdles for you.

Which networks to choose

First, you want to make sure the networks actually work with merchants in your geographical region. For example, if you are promoting products to a German market, there's no need to apply to an affiliate network that primarily serves the US market.

Second, you need to find a network which works with merchants who sell the products you want to promote on your site. You can use our Scratchpad to help identify which merchants sell the products you want to promote. Also, see Identify Relevant Networks and Merchants.

How to apply

Most networks have a "Sign Up" button or link somewhere on their website. If it's confusing, remember, you are applying as a "Publisher" or an "Affiliate". You are not a "Merchant" or an "Advertiser" or a "Retailer".

Most networks manually review each application so it could take a few days to hear back from the network regarding the status of your application.

Once approved, you will often need to supply information to them regarding how to get paid (PayPal, bank details, etc...) as well as any necessary tax information that might need from you in order to send you payments. This varies from network to network and country to country.

Tips for getting application approved

Most networks want to see that your website has legitimate content and some traffic. They do NOT want to see an empty WordPress website. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Add some high quality blog posts / articles to your site
  • Ensure your About page exists and is thoroughly filled in
  • Offer a Contact page 
  • Add a Privacy and Terms of Service pages
  • Add some images to your website
  • Display a unique logo in your header

Basically, the networks want to make sure you are going to be a high-quality lead for the merchants they support.

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