Apply to merchants

Now that you have been approved by at least one affiliate network, now you can start applying to different merchant programs.

Merchants (AKA retailers, advertisers) have the products you want to promote on your site. For example, Walmart and Petsmart are types of merchants.

How to apply

Applying to a merchant program is pretty simple.

  1. Log into the affiliate network which supports that merchant
  2. Find the merchant in the list of merchants the affiliate network supports
  3. Apply to their program

Tips for getting approved

Not all merchants will accept your application. Various factors go into determining whether or not the merchant approves you: amount of traffic/sales you are driving, the niche of your website, the design of your website, etc...

Some merchants might reject you now but approve you later after you have started to generate sales with other merchants on the network platform.

The being said, here are some tips to get approved:

  • Make sure you list all of your websites under your affiliate network profile (if applicable)
  • Make sure your website has valuable content on it
  • Make sure your website is related to the type of products the merchant is selling.

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