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There are literally hundreds of web hosts that offer WordPress-specific hosting. A web host will be a serve where your website will live on the internet. This is needed because without a server, your website will not be accessible to everyone on the Internet. A web host also offers added security and protection for your website. Choosing one can be overwhelming and time-consuming.


Hosting plans come with various expectations of technical know-how. So we've grouped our suggestions into the three categories below. Choose the level that suits your needs and skills.


If you are not too technical and don't want to deal with SFTP, file editing and the other complexities of installing WordPress, we defer to WordPress and their list of web hosting recommendations.

A little technical

If you are not afraid of a little configuration and want to have more control over your environment, we recommend using SpinupWP (use that link to get $50 in credit 30 days after signing up).

Very technical

If you want full control over everything, we would recommend Liquid Web.

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