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This article explains how to create a Product Set using the Datafeedr Product Sets plugin.

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What is a Product Set?

A Product Set contains a group of related products and is responsible for importing that group of products into your website and keeping the information about those products up-to-date. In general, Product Sets are responsible for:

  • Finding products - A Product Set lets you search our database of products and refine your search results through the use of search filters. You then associate your search and/or specific products to the Product Set.
  • Organizing products - You associate a Product Set with a category (ex. WooCommerce product category) where you want the products in the Product Set to be imported.
  • Importing products - Once "published", a Product Set will import the products associated with it into the category specified.
  • Updating products - At an interval you define, a Product Set will update the products it is responsible for importing making sure the product information is up-to-date.
  • Deleting products - A Product Set will also delete a product from your site if it is no longer available from the merchant.

Introducing the Dashboard

Creating a Product Set is a multi-step process. Use the Dashboard to keep track of the steps that you have completed.

Optional Step

The 3rd "Add as Saved Search" step in the Dashboard is optional. Learn more below.

The Product Set Dashboard.

Creating a Product Set

The following steps will guide you through creating your first Product Set. To get started, go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Add Product Set.


Product Set Title

You should give your Product Set a title that is meaningful so that you can find it later. The Product Set title will not appear publicly. It's strictly for your purposes.

Provide a title for your Product Set.

Product Search

The next step is to search for products. Use the search form to find the products you want to add to this Product Set. Click the "+ add filter" link to search on different product fields to further refine your search.

Perform a search for your products using the search form.

Save Search

There are two methods of adding products to your Product Sets:

  1. Saved Search Method (recommended)
  2. Manual Method

This tutorial will use the Saved Search Method.

After you click the [Search] button you will see your search results. If you are happy with the results of your search and want to add all of the products returned in your search results to this Product Set, click the [Add as Saved Search] button.

Click the [Add as Saved Search] button to save the products to this Product Set.

Select Category

After you have added products to your Product Set, you'll need to select the category (or categories) to import this set of products into.

At the bottom of the right sidebar you will see a list of your WooCommerce categories. Choose one or more categories.

Select a category to import these products into.

Add a Custom Update Schedule (Optional)

Product Sets are updated according to the global update settings located in the WordPress dashboard at Product Sets > Configuration > Update Interval.

If you want products to be updated on a different schedule it is possible to assign a custom update schedule per Product Set. 

1. Enable the Custom Update Schedule

When creating a Product Set, you will see the Custom Update Schedule box in the sidebar. Check the "Enabled" checkbox. 

2. Choose an Interval

Once you enable the Custom Update Schedule Box you will need to select an interval, which is how often the Custom Update will be run. The update interval can be either "Day of week" or "Day of month." 

3. Choose Days

For the interval of "Day of week" you can select one or many days of the week for the update to run.
For the interval of "Day of month" you can select one or many days of the month for the update to run.

4. Choose a Time

The timezone for the Custom Update Schedule is based on the timezone set in your WordPress account. You can learn how to change your timezone HERE. For the Custom Update Schedule, the default time is set to "00:00". Select the hour (0 to 24) and minute (0 to 59) to set the time in which you want the Custom Update to run. 

5. Publish

Once you have selected all the information for your Custom Update Schedule, click the "Publish" button (or "Update" button if your Product Set was already published). 

When you view your Product Set, you will see the Custom Update Schedule showing when the next update will be run. 

Schedule Examples

This schedule will update products in this product set every Monday and Friday at 5AM. 

This schedule will update products in this product set on odd days of the month at 5AM. 

When the product set is saved the next run time will be set to the next occurrence of the interval.


Publish your Product Set

The last step is to publish your Product Set. When you are ready for the products in this Product Set to be imported into your website and visible to your website's visitors, click the [Publish] button.


When a Product Set is first published, it will be put in the update queue. It may begin updating immediately or later if other Product Sets are already in the update queue.

Publish your Product Set when it is ready.
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