Update a Product Set

By default, your Product Sets will automatically update at regular intervals. However, sometimes you might need your Product Sets to update now instead of waiting for its next scheduled update. This tutorial explains how to manually update a single Product Set.

What does "updating a Product Set" mean?

When you update or "bump" a Product Set, this means you force it to update any existing products on your site with new information and/or import any new products into your site. It also removes any products from your site which are no longer available.


Open the Product Set

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > All Product Sets and find the Product Set which you want to manually update. Click the "Edit" link for that Product Set.

Edit the Product Set

Click the [Bump] button

At the top of the right column you will see your " Dashboard". Inside that metabox you will see a [Bump] button. Click the [Bump] button to schedule the Product Set to be updated as soon as possible.

The [Bump] button in the Dashboard

The [Bump] button is missing!

If you don't see the [Bump] button in the Dashboard area, that means this Product Set is already overdue for an update and will be updated ASAP. How soon it will be updated depends on its place in the Product Set update queue which can be found here: WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > All Product Sets.

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