Delete a Product Set

To delete all products from your site which were added by a single Product Set, you should move your Product Set to the Trash. This article explains how.

Do NOT permanently delete your Product Sets

Permanently deleting a Product Set results in the products added by that Product Set to be "stranded", unable to be updated or removed automatically. If a Product Set is permanently deleted before it has the opportunity to delete its products, its products will become stranded.

Don’t click this link!

Here's how to safely and automatically delete all products added by a single Product Set.


"Trash" the Product Set

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > All Product Sets and find the Product Set which you want to delete. Click the "Trash" link for that Product Set.

Click the "Trash" link


When you move a Product Set to the Trash, its products are NOT instantly deleted. On the contrary, you have 5 minutes to undo your action in case it was a mistake. After the 5 minute "undo" period, the Product Set will begin removing its products from your site as soon as any already running Product Set update is complete.

Deleting products takes time

The process of deleting products from your site is time and server intensive. Depending on the size of the Product Set you deleted and your server, deletion can take an hour or longer. Please be patient.


After products have been deleted

After the Product Set has been moved to the Trash and its products deleted, it will be automatically and permanently deleted from your site in 30 days (by default) or less. There's no need to manually permanently delete the Product Set from your WordPress Admin Area. In fact, it's better if you don't!

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