Methods of adding products to a Product Set

There are 2 methods of adding products from your search results to your Product Set: Saved Search or Manually. You can also use these 2 methods exclusively or together in the same Product Set.

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What is the Saved Search Method?

The Saved Search method enables you to save or "subscribe" to a search you perform and let the products returned from your saved search populate your Product Set.

Learn how to add products to your site using the Saved Search Method.

What is the Manual Method?

The Manual method lets you add specific products from the search results to your Product Set.

Learn how to add products to your site using the Manual Method.

Pros & Cons of Saved Search Method


  • Automatically Adds New Products - The "Saved Search" method will automatically add new products to your Product Set which match your search. This is extremely useful when a merchant/retailer adds a new product to their inventory. If the new product matches your saved search, it will be added to your Product Set and imported into your website.
  • Fast - After you refine and save your search there's nothing more to do.
  • Many Products - This method allows you to add 100s of products to your Product Set with the click of a button.


  • Less Curation - If your saved search is not set up properly, unexpected products could appear in your Product Set.
  • Too Many Products - Care should be taken when creating a saved search so that you don't import more products than you expect. A saved search will import up to 10,000 products if that many products match your search. Use the "Limit" filter in the search form to cap the maximum number of products a saved search returns.

Pros & Cons of Manual Method


  • Specific Products - You choose exactly which products to add to the Product Set.


  • No New Products - If a merchant offers a new product which you want to include in your Product Set, you will have to manually add the product to the Product Set. It will not be added automatically.
  • Slow - This method is slower to perform as it requires each product to be selected manually.
  • Maintenance - This method also requires you to "check up" on your Product Sets from time to time to ensure the products you added are still available from the merchants and also add any additional products you wish to include in your Set.
  • Product ID Reassignment - If a merchant reassigns a product ID to another product in their inventory, this can lead to undesired products being imported into your store.

Recommended Method

In most cases, we recommend using the Saved Search method primarily because new products which match your saved search will automatically be added to your Product Set. This reduces the amount of maintenance and monitoring you'll need to do on your site.

Product Updates and Removals

No matter which method you choose from above, all of the products in a Product Set will be updated with any new information a merchant might supply about the product such as new pricing information or a new affiliate link. Additionally, if a merchant removes a product from their inventory, that product will also be removed from your Product Set regardless of the method you used to include it in your Set.

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