Images not displaying

Are you missing product images in your WooCommerce store? Here are some steps to take to resolve this issue.

Images not yet imported

If you are not seeing images in your WooCommerce store it's possible they are not yet imported. 

Once a product is imported into your WooCommerce store, its image is scheduled to be imported ASAP. However, depending on how many images are already scheduled to be imported, this might take a little time. 

To see how many images are scheduled to be imported, navigate to this page: WordPress Admin Area > WooCommerce > Status > Scheduled Actions > Pending.

All entries with the Hook name of "dfrapi_as_dfrps_import_product_image" are images scheduled to be imported.

If you don't want to wait, you can try the following:

  1. Go here: WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools
  2. Click the [Fix Missing Images] button.
  3. Then, click the [Start Image Import] button.

That will import your images as fast as your server can process them. 

Images still not imported?

If you have waited for a while and your images are still not imported and using the method outlined above didn't work, here are a few more things to try:

Check for errors during import

If you tried clicking the [Fix Missing Images] and [Start Image Import] buttons (mentioned above) and images did not get imported, you should have seen some errors after you clicked the [Start Image Import] button. Here are some common errors you might see.

  • http_404 - This means the image URL provided by the merchant is incorrect and the image is inaccessible. There's no way for us to fix a broken image URL. Your only option here is to add an image manually to your product.
  • md5_mismatch - This is security warning issued by WordPress when it attempts to import an image which contains an md5 content header that does not match the one the image has after being added to your server. These errors will look something like: The checksum of the file (186bf80636decf0af23a23f37f9e17a3) does not match the expected checksum value (9695466459446235b5a93613dc86a2f2). To resolve this issue, try the Jetpack solution (mentioned below).

Clear your cache

Sometimes images have been imported but your site has been cached without images. Try clearing the cache of any caching plugin you might have installed then recheck your WooCommerce store.

Install Jetpack

Our plugin will do its best to import images from any merchant into your site. But sometimes this isn't always possible due to images access restrictions imposed by the merchant which leads to 403 access forbidden warnings when attempting to download the image.

In these cases you can bypass these warnings and still import the image into your store by installing the Jetpack plugin. You DO NOT need to pay for Jetpack nor do you need to enable any of its modules. You simply choose the free plan and connect it to your site. This allows the Datafeedr plugin to hook into the Jetpack Photon Image Service which almost always allows you to bypass any image access restrictions and import the image into your site.

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