Re-import product images

Occasionally when products are imported the product image URLs are not configured correctly by the merchant and no images (or broken images) are imported into your store. This causes your store category and product pages to display no images.

If the merchant has fixed the product image URL issue and updated their feed, here's how you can re-import those product images into your site.

  1. Find a product in your store imported by Datafeedr which has a missing image.
  2. Click the "Edit product" link for the product.
  3. On the "Edit" page in the right sidebar, find the box labelled Datafeedr Product Sets. Click on the name of the Product Set. This will take you to the Product Set page in "edit" mode.
  4. On the "Edit" Product Set page, click the [Bump] button. Learn more about that here. This will update the image URL field for all of the products in this Product Set. 
  5. Once the Product Set has completed its update, go here WordPress Admin Area > Media.
  6. Permanently delete any image from your media library that is broken or not appearing properly.
  7. Finally, go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools and click the [Fix Missing Images] button.

Now, if the product image URLs are configured correctly by the merchant, when the product loads again on your website, the new images should be imported.

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