Documentation & support

This article outlines the various areas you can find our product documentation as well as how to get support.


You can find documentation for all our plugins and account questions on this site. This includes documentation for:

  1. Datafeedr API plugin
  2. Datafeedr Product Sets plugin
  3. Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugin
  4. Datafeedr Comparison Sets plugin

If you are using our Factory (legacy) product, you can find documentation for that product here.

API & API PHP Library (for developers)

Our API docs can be found on GitHub:

For developers looking to use our API in their PHP site or app, you can find our API PHP library on GitHub:


We offer email support to all of our customers. You can contact us by clicking the "Contact" link at the top of this page or by emailing us at help [at] datafeedr [dot] com.

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