API Product versus Factory Product

In February of 2014 we released our new Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer which relies on our API. Since then there has been confusion regarding which product to choose, the API or the Factory. This article in intended to clear up any confusion.

Which product should I choose?

The Quick Answer: API

Here's more information: https://datafeedrapi.helpscoutdocs.com/article/66-which-product-should-i-choose

Overview of the WooCommerce Importer/API and the Factory

Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer (https://datafeedr.me/dfrpswc).

WooCommerce is the leading ecommerce platform for WordPress. It is a free plugin that helps you sell anything on your WordPress blog. By using the WooCommerce plugin in combination with the Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugins you can now build a WooCommerce affiliate store.

The Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer allows you to import products from the Datafeedr API directly into your WordPress blog. Unlike the Datafeedr Factory configuring your store, managing your merchant and affiliate network settings is all taking place in the WordPress admin area.

Another important distinction is that products are stored in the WP posts table meaning that any plugins that extend post functionality like social media plugins, seo plugins, and more can be used with products imported by the WooCommerce Importer. Watch the video below to get an idea about the store building process.

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Datafeedr Factory (http://www.datafeedr.com/).

The "Factory is our protected members area where you can configure the general settings, design, and layout of your store and where you can manage your merchant and affiliate network settings.

Once you have set up your store in the Factory, you can then import your store into your WordPress blog by using the Datafeedr Factory plugin. Watch the video below to get an idea about the store building process. More video tutorials are available here.

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Datafeedr Factory vs Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer

Datafeedr Factory or Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer? Not sure which store building solution to choose? In the table below you see a comparison between both products.

Datafeedr Factory
WooCommerce Importer
Access to Entire Database
Access Amazon API - ( read more)
Number of Stores 1,5,unlimited unlimited
Number of Products per Store 100,000 depends on API plan
Locally Stored Product Data
Customize Product Information
Saved Search Subscriptions
Automatic Store Updates
Add Custom Affiliate Products
Sell Your Own Products -
Drip Products into Posts -
Embed Products into Posts/Pages
StoreYa Integration
Price Comparison Sets ✓ (via Comparison Sets plugin)
Product Ratings & Reviews -
WooCommerce Themes -
Keep 100% of Commissions
SubID Tracking

How to Sign Up?

You can sign up for either of our products here https://members.datafeedr.com/subscribe.

Still Confused?

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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