Replace affiliate link with a Skimlinks link

While Datafeedr does not officially support Skimlinks, if you want to replace your affiliate links with a link to Skimlinks, here's the code to do so.


There are limitations to this method. Not all products contain the necessary data to redirect to Skimlinks. If the necessary data is not available, the affiliate network affiliate link will be returned instead. Therefore it's a good idea to enter your affiliate ID for all networks just in case.

This works best with most ( but not all) products from the following affiliate networks:

AdRecord, Adtraction, Affiliate4You, AffiliateWindow, APD, Belboon, BettyMills, ClixGalore, Commission Junction,, Impact Radius, LinkConnector, Rakuten, Optimise, Partner-ads, PepperJam, TradeDoubler, TradeTracker, Webgains & Zanox.

Pro Tip

If you are using the Datafeedr Product Sets plugin and you only want to import products into your site which work with Skimlinks, then you should use the "Has Direct URL" filter and set the filter value to "yes".

Use "Has Direct URL" filter to only return Skimlinks-compatible products.

Let's begin!


Create a custom plugin

If you haven't done so already, create a custom plugin .


Add custom code

Add the following custom code to your custom plugin:


Add your Skimlinks ID

Replace 12345X6789123 with your Skimlinks ID. Learn how to find this here



Save your custom plugin file.

Now any product which has the required data for being converted into a Skimlinks link will be converted.

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