Update Account Information and VAT Number

You can update your account information and/or VAT number at any time by editing your invoices from our payment processor, Paddle.

Find Your Paddle Invoices

You can find your Paddle invoices under Billing on your Datafeedr account.

At the bottom of the page, you will see all your invoices. Press Download Receipt on your latest invoice.

Add Account Information and VAT Number

Once you download your receipt, select Add address & VAT Number.

Here, you will be able to enter your account information. If you would also like to add a VAT Number, select this is a business purchase and you will be able to enter your VAT number. If you add a valid VAT number to your invoice, that VAT number will be applied to future payments and you will receive a refund for the VAT which you already paid after a few days.

Once you are finished, press Save and your account will be updated accordingly.

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