Datafeedr API Message (Product Set Update Failed)

Occasionally you might receive an email from your website with the Subject of "Datafeedr API Message (Product Set Update Failed)". This article explains what this message might mean and how to resolve the issue.

What does it mean?

When you receive this email, this means your Product Set update failed for a particular reason and the issue must be resolved before Product Sets will begin updating again.

How to resolve the issue?

The first step is to identify the issue. The primary reason for the failure is listed in the beginning of the details section. In this section we explain common errors and how to resolve them.

Message: Invalid access id

If your details section looks like this:

CLASS: DatafeedrAuthenticationError
CODE: 202
MESSAGE: Invalid access id

This means that an invalid Datafeedr access ID was used. HOWEVER, this is not always the case. If the Datafeedr API server is not available, this can be the error which is returned.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Go here WordPress Admin Area > Datafeedr API > Tools
  2. Click the [Delete Cached API Data] button
  3. Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Configuration
  4. Under "Updates" make sure "Enabled" is checked and the click the [Save Changes] button

In most cases, the 4 steps above will resolve the issue. Your Product Sets will begin updating again.

If Product Sets fail again, you can check our Status page to see if the Datafeedr API operating normally or not.

If the Datafeedr API is operating normally, then your subscription might be expired and you will need to go to your Member's Page and update your subscription.

Message: No merchants selected

If your details section looks like this:

CLASS: DatafeedrError
MESSAGE: No merchants selected

This means one of your Product Sets is using a Merchant filter but the all of the merchants selected are not currently available. Your Product Set search form might look something like this:

In this case you can solve the issue in one of three ways:

1. Remove Merchant filter

  1. Remove the Merchant filter by clicking the (-) button next to the Merchant filter
  2. Then click the [Search] button
  3. Then click the [Update Saved Search] button

2. Select other merchants

  1. Click the [choose] button
  2. Select other merchants which are available
  3. Then click the [Search] button
  4. Then click the [Update Saved Search] button

Solving this issue in one of the above two ways will allow the Product Set to start updating again.

However, if your Product Sets encounter another Product Set where all of your selected merchants are missing, you will need to perform these steps again.

3. Missing Merchant workaround

However, if you know that a Merchant is only temporarily missing and that they will be listed again (which is often the case) and you don't want to modify all of your Product Sets that include that merchant, you can do this:

  1. Go here: WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Configuration.
  2. Set "Disable Updates When Missing Merchants" to "No".
  3. Click the [Save Changes] button

This will prevent your Product Set updates from being disabled if a Product Set is encountered that is using the Merchant filter but its selected merchants are not currently available.

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