How to find your GoAffPro affiliate ID?

Here's how to find your GoAffPro affiliate ID:

  1. Login into your GoAffPro control panel.
  2. Click "Stores" in the sidebar.
  3. In the "My Stores" tab you'll see the main affiliate links for your approved stores. 
  4. The string of characters following the ref parameter are the GoAffPro affiliate IDs.
WARNING: As you can see each GoAffPro store has a different affiliate ID but there's only 1 affiliate ID field for GoAffPro in Datafeedr. If you wish to promote different GoAffPro stores in Datafeedr, follow the instructions below.
  1. Choose one affiliate ID and enter it in Datafeedr - let's say in above example Byooti's affiliate ID is used in Datafeedr.
  2. If you wish to promote another GoAffPro store in Datafeedr, click the dashboard link for the store in question.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. In the "Referral Code" section you'll see the current affiliate ID for the store.
  5. Change it to the affiliate ID you entered in Datafeedr and click the Save Changes button.
  6. Repeat for each GoAffPro store you wish to use in Datafeedr.
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