Exclude duplicate products

This article explains how to prevent duplicate products from being imported by your Product Sets.

Sometimes when merchants add products to their data feed, they add a record for each size or color. For example, a merchant might add a product record in their data feed for Nike Air Jordans for size 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, etc... This article explains how to include only one Air Jordan, not 2 or more.

Before using the “Exclude Duplicates” filter

Before using the “Exclude Duplicates” filter.

After using the “Exclude Duplicates” filter

After using the “Exclude Duplicates” filter.

Steps to Exclude Duplicates


Add "Exclude Duplicates" filter

You can add the "Exclude Duplicates" filter by clicking the + add filter link and then choosing the "Exclude Duplicates" option from the drop down menu.

Choose “Exclude Duplicates” from drop down menu.

Add fields

You must choose which fields to use when comparing your products. Common fields are name, image and direct_url.

As you can see in the "Nike" example above, the products do not have same product name but they all have the same image URL. So we use image as our field.

If you click the question mark "?" next to the filter, you can see a list of available fields which you can exclude on and how to use the field.

Exclude Duplicates filter help text.

Exclude by multiple fields (optional)

You can also exclude duplicates based on multiple fields. For example:

name image - Exclude items with the same name AND the same image URL.

name|image - Exclude items with the same name OR the same image URL.

merchant_id name|image - Exclude items which have the same merchant id AND (product name OR image URL).

Recommend Usage

Here's how we recommend using this filter: 


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