How to find your Zanox API keys?

The Zanox network is a bit special. Unlike most affiliate networks Zanox does not work with 1 single affiliate ID for the entire network. Zanox assigns a unique affiliate ID per (adspace/merchant) combination.

That means you can have hundreds of affiliate IDs depending on the number of approved merchants in your Zanox account and even different affiliate IDs for one and the same merchant depending on the number of adspaces in your Zanox account.

What is an adspace?

Simply stated each website you register in Zanox is considered an adspace. If you register let's say 3 websites in Zanox you have 3 different adspaces in Zanox. You can view a list of your adspaces in Zanox via the menu Profile > My Ad Spaces.

So it's obvious that we had to integrate Zanox in a completely different way. Instead of entering all your affiliate IDs for Zanox in Datafeedr you just have to choose the adspace you wish to work with.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to add products from the available Zanox merchants in Datafeedr to your website you must be approved for these merchants in the chosen adspace (even if you are already approved for these merchants in other adspaces).

Once you have chosen an adspace Datafeedr will automatically pull in and store your affiliate IDs for the available Zanox merchants in Datafeedr.

Before we can you need to enter your Zanox API keys in Datafeedr. Without these keys, Datafeedr will not be able to pull in your adspace(s) and affiliate IDs.

How to find your Zanox API keys?

  1. Login into your Zanox control panel.
  2. Click on "API" In the Links & Tools menu to find your Connect ID and Secret Key.
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