Missing product images

Missing images can be a result of a few different issues. Sometimes, the images just haven't been imported yet. 

Images not yet imported

It does take some time to import images.  To speed up the process, try this:

  1. Go here: WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools
  2. Click the [Fix Missing Images] button.

That will import your images as fast as your server can process them. 

Images still missing?

Occasionally when products get imported into your site via the Datafeedr Product Sets plugin, a product's image may be missing or broken.

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  1. Missing/Broken Image URL
  2. Strong Caching Prevents Image Downloading
  3. Access Controls Prevent Image Downloading

We've outlined the steps to address these issues below.

Missing/Broken Image URL

If a merchant provides the wrong URL for an image, it's not possible for our plugin to import that image into your store. If product images are not displaying on your Product Set "edit" page, then most likely this is a case of the image URL being broken or the image URL not existing at all.

If the products you are trying to import have missing or broken image URLs, the only solution is to contact the merchant and make them aware that the product image URLs in their data feed are broken. Once they fix it, the issue will be resolved on your end after your Product Sets update again.

Strong Caching Prevents Image Downloading

Sometimes a caching plugin will prevent your site from actually querying the database to see if an image needs to be imported. This can result in images missing from your site. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

If you continue to have this problem, you should import your images during Product Set updates.


Go to Tools

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools > Fix Missing Images.


Fix missing images

Click the [Fix Missing Images] button.


Go to Tools

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools > Bulk Image Import.


Bulk image import

Click the [Start Image Import] button.



Leave the "Tools" page open until the Bulk Image Importer has completed its task. It will say "complete" when the process is finished.

Access Controls Prevent Image Downloading

Occasionally merchants will prevent the downloading of their product images. In these cases, it is impossible to download the merchant images and upload them to your site.

Learn how to fix this issue here.

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