Missing product images

Occasionally when products get imported into your site via the Datafeedr Product Sets plugin, a product's image may be missing or broken.

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • Broken image URL - This is the most common reason. If a merchant provides the wrong URL for an image, it's not possible for our plugin to import the image.
  • Strong caching plugin - Sometimes a caching plugin will prevent the your site from actually querying the database to see if an image needs to be imported. This can result in images missing from your site.

Steps to resolve

Here are the steps to take to resolve most image importing issues. However, if the image URLs are broken, these steps cannot fix that issue. Contacting the merchant is required.


Go to Tools

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools > Fix Missing Images.


Fix missing images

Click the [Fix Missing Images] button.


Go to Tools

Go here WordPress Admin Area > Product Sets > Tools > Bulk Image Import.


Bulk image import

Click the [Start Image Import] button.



Leave the "Tools" page open until the Bulk Image Importer has completed its task. It will say "complete" when the process is finished.

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